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How technology is enabling eCommerce to improve their
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State of eCommerce - COVID 19

In this latest report, Unbxd's analysts examine the effect that COVID - 19 has had on eCommerce over the months of peak global lockdown, as compared to the same months in 2019. The effects over on-site traffic, search sessions, and overall transactions are clearly elucidated on the basis of the massive amount of data that Unbxd processes from the eCommerce vertical.

White Papers

The Science and Art of Optimizing for Low Recall and Zero Search Result Queries

Solving for low recall and zero search results is a huge business problem for internet retailers. This directly translates into bad shopper experience and loss in sales. Read on to understand the fine balance of optimizing for such search queries.


White Papers

The True Cost of Ignoring Your Site Search Problems

Unbxd examines the costs and benefits of replatforming compared to upgrading site search. Unbxd chose to examine these two routes because we often speak with companies who think they should delay fixing their site search so that they can replatform first.

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Guaranteed Conversion Lift

In this White Paper, we talk about why site-search is critical to improving conversions, four key analytical components of a highly effective search solution. This is a must-read if you are looking for a site-search solution for your eCommerce site.


White Papers

Product Information Mismanagement

As opposed to traditional retail where the purchasing experience is tangible and physical, online shoppers are more reliant on the quality of information presented about the products. This White Paper talks about the obstacles to fast product content publication that eCommerce teams face.

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White Papers

Site Search vs Replatforming

This paper highlights the need for a site-search solution and how replatforming means lost revenue and profit opportunities. This White Paper is a collaboration between FitForCommerce - eCommerce & omnichannel consultants and Unbxd.

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White Papers

What makes a Great Site Search Experience

A great shopping experience is often a combination of many little things happening at the same time. You could have been in a great mood that day, the dress you were eyeing was on discount, the store associate was super helpful, and you checked out faster than you expected to. And what if all these were absent? That is why a great site-search experience is all the more important.



Are you feeding the right data to your 1:1 Personalization solution?

This E-book talks about predicting the intent of an individual shopper. It helps you understand the typical buying journey to understand what kind of data points, tracking, and shopper signals will make for an effective 1:1 personalization solution.

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Selecting the Right eCommerce solution!

Most online retailers know how important it is to improve the relevancy of their search experience. But a challenge they often face is - How to identify and choose the commerce search solution that provides their shoppers with the most relevant results, every time? This E-book is your answer to all these questions.

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The Ultimate Guide to Personalizing the Customer Journey

This guide helps you understand how to show the right product recommendations on your eCommerce Site. How right product recommendations lead to personalized user experience, increased cart size and increase average order value and eventually customer delight..


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