Changing ecommerce trends in the post-pandemic world
greater transactions happening in 2020 as compared to 2019.
increase in the year-on-year search sessions.
Ecommerce sites experienced sudden traffic influx due to the impact of COVID-19
A crucial question centers around the pace at which ecommerce expanded across diverse regions and its future.
A central role to play as online shopping becomes increasingly popular
Understand trends with advanced analytics
Monitoring online shopping behavior globally is essential to understanding market reactions to the pandemic and changing circumstances.
Shopper-specific experiences
Tailor the shopping journey to meet individual preferences, enhancing personalization and satisfaction.
Pavan Sondur
CEO, Netcore Unbxd
Leads the charge in providing innovative ecommerce solutions that empower businesses and retailers to thrive.
Engage shoppers displaying heightened purchase intent to drive conversions and boost revenue efficiently.
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