AI-Powered Commerce Search

Create a relevant and personalized experience that converts shoppers to buyers





Revenue Generated


ai-based relevance

1:1 personalization

Differentiated Customer Experience


Make product discovery faster and easier with Unbxd


Build contextual relevance for shoppers and convert more


Personalize the category pages to create a unique shopping experience for shoppers


Increase the cart size and AOV for each shopper with personalized product suggestions


Use AI and Digital Asset management to publish a large volume of content

Product Features

Ensure that shoppers find what they are looking for
every single time they visit your website


50+ AI-models

AI-models that make your site search intelligent,
relevant and personalized. 


Optimized for Conversion

Site-Search that converts shoppers into buyers
across devices: desktop, web, and mobile


<65ms Response time

Offer a fast and smooth search experience to your shoppers


Fast Integration

Onboard the site search solution faster with Unbxd
robust APIs and SDKs.

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Advanced Analytics

Track shopper affinity and purchase behavior
to help them make informed business decisions.


Console Reporting

Have a 360-degree consolidated view and deep insight into your business.


What our Clients say about us

Go live fast with Unbxd Search

Sign up to grow your business and delight your shoppers with a differentiated online shopping experience through

Featherlight SDKs (for all languages and platforms)

Integrate with robust SDKs without making your
website slow or impacting the search speed

Unbxd certified partners

Integrate your product discovery solution with
trusted System Integrators and Developers

24x7 Support

With Unbxd’s best-in-class 24/7 customer and technical support, never leave your business unattended

Scale your business today

Unbxd provides you with a product discovery solution that is safe, secure and reliable to deploy

SOC II Compliant

Safeguard the privacy and security of your organization
and your shoppers with SOC II compliant solution

99.99% uptime

Let your shoppers search for products without worrying about downtime and not being able to find the most relevant product

<65ms response time

Enable search that fetches results faster and enhances
the online shopping experience for your shoppers

Customers trust their on-site shopping experience with Unbxd

We personalize the online shopping experience for
shoppers across verticals with self-learning AI and ML models

Fashion and Apperel

Hardware & B2B


Mass Merchants

Home & Lifestyle

Empower your team like no one else does!

We ease the task of each stakeholder across the online shopping journey

ecommerce business owners

Build search and category pages optimized for conversion and provide a seamless online shopping experience with zero integration effort of their own. You can also have a complete insight into the conversion funnel


Show the appropriate products to the shoppers by setting up relevant campaigns, landing pages, product/query rules and keep up-to-date with the changing shopper behaviour and affinites


Integrate relevant and personalized search experience on the eCommerce site with featherlight SDKs, robust APIs, extensive documentation and support from the Unbxd tech and support teams