Choose the perfect site search solution to boost online conversion rates
of shoppers will not return to a site that provides a poor search experience.
of 20 million queries on a commercial search engine appeared three or fewer times.
Shoppers expect search bars to comprehend their desires precisely
Ensure that typos or lack of natural language processing never diminish the average order value with an intelligent AI-powered search.
Netcore Unbxd's four fundamental elements to enhance the user experience
Preprocess queries to maximize analytics
Prepare the shopper’s query for advanced analytics through a standardization process with Netcore Unbxd query preprocessing.
Empower search bars to handle dimensions
Understand product specifications, dimensions, and alphanumeric values as part of the search queries.
Understand shopper behavior and trends
Prioritize popular products during high traffic influx and surface shopper-specific items for search queries to boost AOV.
Implement 1:1 personalization
Organize search results using segmentation and provide custom rank to products with a no-code workbench.
Ridhima Mohla
SVP, Customer Success, Netcore Unbxd
Enhancing client satisfaction, nurturing relationships, resolving concerns, and boosting retail revenue growth with exceptional customer support and strategic insights.
Discover how to leverage Unbxd's holistic approach to advanced site search and personalize shopping experiences.
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