What makes a great Site search experience?
of the shoppers feel that online shopping is more personal than in-store experiences
of the shoppers believe online personalization is the most important reason they buy from their favorite brands
Create unbeatable shopping experiences by capturing minor shopper details
Create a delightful shopping experience without the complexity of managing countless shopper cues.
Predict shopper needs and present suitable products to create a seamless shopping journey
Understand shopper intent
Decoding shopper intent is crucial for search relevance. Understanding subjective search queries ensures efficient ecommerce search results.
Master catalog phrase recognition
Addressing online search challenges requires emulating human interaction. Precision hinges on catalog comprehension, term clustering, and industry expertise.
Justin Paul
AVP Sales, Netcore Unbxd
Driving sales initiatives and offering tailored solutions that empower businesses in the digital commerce landscape for sustained success.
Recreate the in-store shopping experience for users, helping them find what they want with ease.
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