The ultimate guide to personalizing the shopper journey
of consumers are likelier to open their wallets when they can find online recommendations to support offline advice.
of consumers are likely to become repeat customers after experiencing a personalized shopping experience with a company.
Craft user-centric experience aligned with their changing preferences
Increase cart size, average order value, and eventually, customer delight with the right product recommendations and suggestions.
Enrich product discovery and improve catalog exposure
Implement engagement strategies
Enhance click-through rates by displaying popular products and guiding them towards products frequently chosen by similar shoppers.
Implement effective cross-selling strategies at checkout
To enhance the experience and increase cart additions, recommend additional products tailored to items already in the shopping cart.
Dipanjan Bhattacharjee
Senior Product Manager, Netcore Cloud
Shaping and executing strategies to improve ecommerce profitability with a focus on shopper-centric experiences, market insights, and relevant product discovery.
Boost click-through rates by showcasing popular products and guiding shoppers to similar favorites.
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