The science behind optimizing for low recall and zero search result queries
of search queries do not return results, resulting in bad customer experiences and revenue loss for retailers.
of the top search queries drive the majority of the search traffic and revenue on the website.
Address low recall search results and prevent sales losses
Deliver precise and personalized results for such search queries by understanding the delicate balance of optimizing
Zero results search queries cost ecommerce retailers millions in potential revenue
Unlock untapped revenue by removing search inefficiencies
Search providers and in-house teams often neglect the problem of zero results search queries. Address the issue successfully and bring revenue impact with improved ROI.
Personalized search solutions with AI
Explore Netcore Unbxd solutions powered by machine learning models to process clickstream data, customize facets and filters, and personalize the shopping experience.
Prashant Kumar
Co-founder and CTO, Netcore Unbxd
Driving force behind technological innovation and excellence. Dedicated to crafting state-of-the-art solutions for seamless and effective online shopping experiences.
Optimize search efficiency and deliver personalized results with advanced artificial intelligence .
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