What is the best path for your ecommerce site? Re-platforming or Site Search
of the surveyed retailers said they planned to spend more than $1 MM on re-platforming efforts.
of ecommerce sites require visitors to search by the exact product type as the catalog.
Discover how advanced site search can delay, or even eliminate, the need to re-platform
Opting for an updated site search solution saves costs and manpower compared to the high risks and expenses involved in re-platforming.
Enhance conversion rates and average order values with specialized, top-tier site search solutions.
The power of autosuggest and guided shopping
Autocomplete and faceted search help informed users narrow down what they want based on attributes.
Simplify ecommerce with easy merchandising
With no-code merchandising, tailor products to suit different shopper segments, improving the site experience and basket size.
Optimize conversion with data-driven strategies
Enhance conversion rates with personalized experiences through real-time shopper profiling, A/B testing, and query-specific analytics.
Attract traffic with advanced search engine optimization
Optimize landing pages, extend platform lifespan, and enhance SEO quickly and cost-effectively.
Prashant Kumar
Co-founder and CTO, Netcore Unbxd
Driving force behind ecommerce technological innovation and excellence. Dedicated to crafting state-of-the-art solutions for seamless and effective online shopping.
Choose advanced site search as a cost-effective and speedy alternative to re-platforming, simplifying transitions, and reducing workload.
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