Identifying the ideal ecommerce search solution to deliver relevant shopper experiences
of the buyers would recommend a brand with reliable personalization to their friends and family.
of the shoppers expect enterprises to offer personalized interactions and product suggestions.
Is your search solution equipped with the essential technology to deliver an enhanced search experience?
Assess and select a search solution that optimizes, enhances, and increases the relevance of the search results page.
How to build a reliable search engine with industry expertise?
Identifying the underlying query intent
Utilize sophisticated algorithms such as dimension and diversity handling to discern the shopper's intent within the query accurately.
Understanding the shopping trends
Leverage local and global shopping trends tied to seasonal patterns to enhance relevance.
Tailor ranking to the needs of the shopper segment
Rank search results based on individual shopper preferences and segmentation.
Surya Ramanathan
Enterprise Sales, UNBXD
Excels in identifying opportunities, nurturing client relationships, and driving growth through advanced ecommerce solutions.
Learn how to enhance the shopping experience and reduce irrelevant search results with the perfect site search solution .
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