Are you feeding the right data to provide accurate shopper-specific personalization?
uplift in conversion experienced by companies feeding in the relevant shopper signals.
real-time signals analyzed and fed to the ranking models for enhanced search results.
Interpret relevant signals to deliver precise recommendations
Select the right data points for an unmatched tailored shopping experience.
Comprehend shopper preferences and behavior with on-site clickstream data
Get location and device data
Utilize personalization algorithms to understand shopper preferences and device-specific compatibility based on their browsing location and device type.
Use historical data
Enhance each shopping experience by comprehending segment preferences and favored price affinity to keep customers engaged.
Prem Auti
Senior Product Manager, Unbxd
Shaping and executing strategies to improve ecommerce profitability with a focus on innovation, market insights, and customer needs.
Enable advanced AI solutions to present every shopper with a category page that is personalized to them.
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