The true cost of ignoring your site search problems
lift in search conversion within 90 days of implementation of Unbxd’s site search solutions.
in conversions when enhanced with Nectore Unbxd AI models.
Experience the Netcore Unbxd effect
Enterprises failed to capture over $300 Billion in revenue due to bad site search experience
Ease the transition to a future-proof platform
Utilize safe product listing migration
Reduced integration points and conversion guarantee from Netcore Unbxd search solutions mitigate risks of losing revenue during the re-platforming process.
Bring instant shopper satisfaction
Experience up to 80% rise in search sessions and up to 25% search conversion rates immediately after implementing Netcore Unbxd AI-powered search.
Daniel Taras
Vice President of NA Sales, Netcore Unbxd
Leading the sales team at Netcore Unbxd North America region, delivering strategic solutions and fostering success for businesses in the digital commerce sphere.
Enhance shopper satisfaction and streamline operations by upgrading your site search without significant cost or resource allocation.
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