Redefine search capabilities with Netcore Unbxd’s Intent Search
of Gen Z shops online at least once a week, which makes a smart search tool crucial.
of the purchases made by Gen Z are social-media influenced by social media. So, search tools must understand social media language and semantics.
Combine vector models and NLP within a Neural Network to offer precise and scalable search experiences
Become familiar with Intent Search, a powerful fusion of keyword-based and vector-based search, to deliver precise and personalized results.
Merge vector and keyword search models to provide lightening-fast contextual results
Enhance the search experience
Provide highly relevant and personalized results that fit shoppers’ requirements in seconds.
Avoid zero search results with long tail queries
Enhance search efficiency by comparing query and document vectors, providing quicker, more relevant results, surpassing traditional TF-IDF approaches.
2 Authors
Ananthesh Adiga
Director of Engineering, Netcore Unbxd
Overseeing engineering excellence at Netcore Unbxd, driving innovation and technical prowess to deliver top-notch solutions.
Gain insights into the workings of an advanced search engine built with machine learning and neural networks.
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