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Affordable Pricing Plans

The information below will help you choose the right plan for your online business.

PIM Pricing header
Product/SKUs CountUp to 1 KUp to 25 KUp to 100 KUp to 500 KPlease get in touch with our Sales Team
Channels / Store FrontsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
No of SKU ImportsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
No of SKU Exports*Upto 5 KUpto 125 KUpto 500 KUpto 2 Mn
Digital Assets ManagementUpto 10 GBUpto 100 GBUpto 1 TBUpto 5 TB
Tasks & Workflows-52550
Product e-Catalogs-52550
Users & Roles Management251525
Vendor Portals--AvailableAvailable
Custom Channels **--YesYes
* $0.02 for every additional SKU Export
** Custom channel integration at additional cost
Multi-options importsCustom
Channel Imports
Import Adapters
Import SFTP List
Scheduled Imports-
Product De-duplication-
Custom Product-Id & Parent-ID generation-
Product Management
Product SearchCustom
Advanced Search Filters
Bulk editing
Create products
Product Grouping
Manage Variants
Activity Logs (History)-
PIM Overview
Parents/Variants CountCustom
Core property coverage
Datatype Analysis
Digital Assets Management
StorageUp to 10GBUp to 100GBUp to 1TBUp to 5TBCustom
Editing Assets (like PhotoShop)
Bulk Upload Assets
Associate Product & Assets
Property Management
Property ManagementCustom
Property Group Management
Catalog Management
Creation of new catalogs-Custom
Customized Facet selection-
Preview and Publish-
Customizes Product Display Page-
Workflows Management
Available Workflows-Up to 5Up to 25Up to 50Custom
Create and Manage Workflows-
Webhooks Integration-
Time based workflows-
Event based workflows-
Automated Task Generation-
Task Management
Task Templates-Up to 5Up to 25Up to 50Custom
Task Management-
Task Overview-
Task Based Product Filtering-
Readiness Report Checks-Up to 125KUp to 500KUp to 2Mn
Category Management
Manage categoriesCustom
Associate child categories
Associate properties to categories
Setting Default values to a property
Product CertificationCustom
Product Label Management
Partners Management
Free System Adapters
Custom Adapter Management
Channel Connections (Integration Instances)
Channels Adapters Management
Exports (No of products Transformations)
Scheduled Exports-
Activity Logs (History)-
Roles and Permissions
User ManagementUp to 2Up to 5Up to 15Up to 25Custom
Roles Management-Up to 5Up to 10Up to 25
Property Permissions Management-
System Permissions Management-
Customized Organisation View-
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