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Achieve the next level of business efficiency with AI-Powered apps by Netcore Unbxd PIM

Generate product descriptions and titles

Acquire high-visibility placement on Amazon

Enhanced Social Media Marketing

Manage reviews across platforms

Improved Search Engine Marketing

Increase video engagement

Recalibrate SEO strategy

Targeted Google Ads

AI Tools simplify, streamline, and shorten manual tasks

Product Descriptions

Transform your product descriptions with Unbxd PIM's AI-powered Product descriptions tool. Say goodbye to countless hours of writing and hello to creative, sales-driving copy. With the Product Names tool, give unique and catchy names that define products and services.


Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads Headline

Promote your product and enhance your brand’s visibility with customizable Amazon Sponsored Ads. Modify your budget anytime with total control, pay only for clicks, and launch your targeted ad campaign in just 5 minutes.

Translation App

The Translation App is a powerful tool for quickly publishing catalogs in multiple languages. It can translate content into 100+ languages, update content for continuous improvement, and generate multi-lingual content and keywords in 25+ languages..

Trending Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags increase the reach and engagement of content to increase traffic on Instagram pages. Trending Instagram Hashtags tool leverages hashtags to improve content discovery and engagement on social media. They display niche content and help users find content aligned with their interests.

Bulk Image Uploader and Transformer

The Bulk Image Uploader allows customers to automatically upload and download images in any format and automatically assign them to products based on heuristics.

SEO tags generation

SEO Meta tags tool focuses on improving SEO by making it easier for search engines to understand a website's content. Optimized meta tags enhance the key elements and improve visibility in search results by presenting information concisely.

Call-to-action Tool

A call to action (CTA) is a crucial element on a webpage that guides the customer journey. The app drives the desired action to potential customers and removes friction in the sales process.

Google Ads

Ad targeting allows reaching people with specific interests while controlling costs by only paying for clicks. Google Ads tool measures campaign success by tracking clicks and managing accounts.

Review Responder

Review Responder saves time by streamlining review responses, showcases excellent customer service, delivers the community with customized answers, and establishes brand consistency across major review platforms.

Other notable PIM AI APPs

Passive to Active Voice
Facebook Ads
Amazon Product Titles
Content Rephrase
YouTube Hooks
Rewrite with keywords

Results for eCommerce players after deploying PIM AI APPs

  • Error-free and sophisticated Amazon listings
  • Increased ranking on SERP
  • High Traffic to social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram
  • Efficient and targeted Ad campaigns on Google and Facebook
  • High engagement
  • Less time to launch Sponsored Products campaign

Netcore Unbxd PIM

Revolutionising E-commerce Product Information Management with AI

Netcore Unbxd PIM AI Apps allow for previewing product insights and bulk transformation, speeding time to market, streamlining product management, and driving revenue growth for eCommerce sellers.

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