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Improve user engagement, increase customer loyalty, and boost conversion for your business with 1:1 personalization. Unbxd AI models create personalized and unique search and discovery experiences for each shopper by learning from 200+ signals in real-time.

Personalized shopper widgets powered

1 Billion+

Uplift in Conversion


1:1 Personalization

Craft a unique journey for every shopper

Provide a unique shopping experience to each shopper during search and navigation, increase repeat purchases and drive higher conversions for your business through Unbxd's 1:1 Personalization. Unbxd AI algorithms analyze demographics, browsing behavior, recent purchases and affinities for each shopper to understand shopper intent better and dynamically curate results to show products that the shoppers are most likely to buy

In-session Personalization

Adapt to shopper’s preferences in real-time!

Understand shopper goals in the context of the current session and show relevant products through In-session Personalization. Unbxd AI analyzes user actions in an ongoing session to understand their intent and preferences at that moment and dynamically reranks the results as the session progresses.

In-session personalization accounts for changes in user affinities over time. In-session personalization can even personalize the experience for first-time visitors, who haven’t shopped on the site before and enables businesses to create amazing and relevant first-impression in the minds of the new visitors.


Personalization Controls

Test and fine-tune Personalization Models

Fine-tuning personalization to adapt to business goals has never been so easy! Unbxd’s Personalization allows business teams to tailor personalization strategy with a few clicks. Create, test, deploy and modify personalization strategy through Visual UI workbench with zero development effort
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