How ramped-up
B2B and B2C sales via AI-powered
commerce search?

Driving faster conversions using AI-powered Search

About is one of the leading US-based online foodservice distributors offering B2B and B2C buyers an ever-expanding digital storefront for bulk purchases. Unilever is one of the current stakeholders in the platform. With over 250,000 SKUs, FSD’s online catalog is stocked with a variety of foodservice and grocery products, alongside environmentally friendly disposable products and supplies.

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Business Challenges

“Having a two-pronged focus – B2B and B2C on the same website was not an easy choice for us though since buying behavior is unique across B2B and B2C markets. However, one thing that remained common was our desire to create personalized, simple, and relevant purchase experiences for both kinds of customers”, says Adeel Murtaza, Head of eCommerce Technology.

To tackle this, FSD needed a custom deployed AI-based search solution which specialized in showing the right product to the right kind of customer at the right time. That’s where Unbxd came in. 

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  • How FSD built relevance into each search query, mapping customer intent to correct the most relevant products and desired attributes.
  • How FSD increased conversions by 250% and reduced website bounce visits.
  • How FSD improved it’s CX by using visually aided, hence smoother customer journeys.