Wex Photo | Video x Unbxd Search
Wex Photo | Video meets its commerce objectives with an AI-driven search
↓ 35%
Overall Bounce Rate
↑ 16%
Views/Search Results
↑ 5%
Visits Without Site Search
Orange, CA
Apparel & Accessories Retail
“Before trusting Unbxd, we evaluated a number of other search vendors. We chose the Unbxd platform because of its breadth of capabilities and accuracy of search ranking compared to others. Since going live, the performance of the platform has been excellent, and we are delighted to partner with Unbxd.”
Michael Barker
Chief Technology Officer
Wex's Story explains how
Efficient and intuitive on-site search experiences can heavily impact a shopper’s path-to-purchase journey.
Wex’s positive impact on the company's bottom-line revenue provided a rich personal experience.
Unbxd’s solutions and feature Implementations helped Wex drive their sales and conversions.
Unlock the secrets to Wex Photo Video's elevated shopper experience with Unbxd.