Shirtbanc x Unbxd PIM
Shirtbanc: Garnering Almost 7 Million in Revenue with Their Online Presence
Efficient resource optimization
Improved product visibility
Overcoming Listing Barriers
Orange, CA
Apparel & Accessories Retail
“With Unbxd PIM, we have experienced improved data accuracy and consistency, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction. The seamless integration with our sales channels has allowed us to expand our reach and increase our online visibility. In addition, the efficient workflow automation has saved us valuable time and resources, enabling us to focus on strategic initiatives and maximizing sales.”
Julio Rangel
Founder, ShirtBANC
Discover Shirtbanc’s journey
Learn how ShirtBANC enhanced data accuracy and achieved seamless integration with sales channels.
How Unbxd PIM enabled wide-ranging marketplace integrations and streamlined image size optimization to deliver accelerated time-to-market.
Discover the power of automated processes and efficient workflow management.
Learn how ShirtBANC enhanced data accuracy and accelerated time-to-market with Unbxd PIM.