Jeromes x Netcore Unbxd
How did Jerome’s go LIVE with the site search solution in just 21 days?
↑ 67%
Per Session Value
↑ 25%
Site Search Conversion
↑ 20%
Revenue From Site Search
San Diego, California
Home & Furniture
“There is quite a bit that goes into that decision. Integration with a 3rd party system, keeping up with the UI of the online store while deploying the new solution, understanding what goes on behind the scenes to enable relevance, how the search is personalized, and nailing the product discovery experience makes the entire process cumbersome and challenging. It’s complex but you have to get it right, so customers find the best products.”
Scott Perry
Executive Vice President Digital
How did Jeromes overcome its product discovery challenges?
What was the impact of the site search in 21 days?
Successful implementation of a hybrid recommendation model.
Effective remediation of subpar relevancy search results.
Utilization of AI and ML algorithms to enhance product discovery.
Dive into Jerome's journey showcasing enhanced shopper experiences and optimized search functionality.