ibSupply x Netcore Unbxd
How ibSupply grew revenue by 40% with Unbxd’s Search Platform
↑ 40%
Total Revenue
↑ 22%
Search Conversion Rates
↑ 11%
Average Order Value
Texas, USA
B2B eCommerce - Office & Industrial Supplies
“I don’t look at Unbxd as just a technology platform. It’s a partnership to develop my business, which ultimately means we’re meeting our customer’s needs better and faster. This partnership helps us focus on our core business.”
Harley Thomas
Sr. Director of Corporate & Digital Marketing
The ibSupply success narrative encompasses the following highlights:
Increase in customer loyalty within B2B commerce.
Evaluation of the previous solution and its limitations.
Optimization of user experience and conversions through AI-driven product discovery.
Utilization of effective merchandising strategies to boost revenue.
Explore how ibSupply revolutionized its online shopping experience with Netcore Unbxd.