Fishpools x Unbxd Search
Fishpools skyrockets its Average Order Value (AoV) with AI-driven Search & Autosuggest
↑ 51%
Average Order Value (AOV)
↑ 23%
Per-Session Dollar Growth
↑ 20%
Search Related Revenue
South East England
Furniture and Home Improvement
“Within the first week of going live with Netcore Unbxd, we discovered things we had never seen before. With other vendors, we had to sit on top of them, almost babysitting them, and yet we were paying them a management fee even though we're doing the managing.”
Craig Silvain
Ecommerce Manager
Discover Fishpools' Transformation with Netcore Unbxd. Here's what you'll learn
Netcore Unbxd's immediate impact on Fishpools Online Revenue Growth, Per-Session Dollar Growth, Search Related Revenue, and Average Order Value (AoV).
Challenges caused by overall poor search relevance.
How Fishpools used AI algorithms to analyze customer behavior and adapt their approach to meet the needs of shoppers better.
Learn how Fishpools seamlessly enhanced its online retail experience with Netcore Unbxd.