Elite Supps x Unbxd PIM
Modest Catalog, Massive Results: Elite Supplements’s 55% Revenue Increase through the Magic of Personalization
↑ 55.14%
Overall Revenue
↑ 16.13%
Per-Session Value
↓ 75%
Drop in Zero Queries
Canberra, Australia
Sports and Nutrition Supplements
~1000+ SKUs
"The AI algorithms implemented have been able to accurately predict and recommend products to our customers based on their browsing behavior, search history, and purchase patterns. This has not only helped us improve the overall shopping experience on our platform but has also led to a significant increase in sales and customer satisfaction.”
Johan Nyberg
Chief eCommerce Officer
Discover Elite Supplements’s Transformation with Netcore Unbxd
Challenges Elite Supplements faced due to the absence of an AI-driven recommendation system and optimized auto suggest feature.
How Elite Supplements increased their revenue by 55.14% through AI-powered product recommendations.
The importance of personalization in delivering contextually relevant recommendations and enhancing the shopping experience, regardless of the SKU count.
How the integration of visually guided auto-suggest improved catalog coverage and shortened the shopper's purchasing journey.
Learn how Elitesupps transformed their online experience and boosted conversions.