Bajaj Mall x Netcore Unbxd
How Bajaj Increased Conversions Using Measurement Search
↑ 26.69%
Overall conversions
↑ 9.15%
Per Search Revenue
Lifestyle Marketplace Platform, Financial Services Marketplace
"Unbxd has created a world-class product that has tremendously improved our search capability. The Unbxd console is a very powerful product that allows us to customize the ordering, promote products or redirect customers to customize PLPs or CLPs based on business requirements. Whenever we have faced issues, the Unbxd team has been very prompt in resolving them."
Saurabh Sahu
Manager – Platform Management & Delivery
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Learn how Measurement Search filled the gap for Bajaj Mall by recognizing attributes such as currency, size, weight, pressure, and storage in alphanumeric queries.
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