A Jewellers x Unbxd PIM
Boosting Time-to-Market: A Jewellers' Path to Success
Seamless migration from legacy systems
Reducing time to update the catalog content
Automating and streamlining time to market
Electronics Commerce, Marketplace
“Netcore Unbxd PIM has helped us navigate some of the most crucial problems faced by almost every other digital store. By harnessing the capability of their AI-driven PIM platform, we have been able to deliver what our customers value most: a pitch-perfect shopping experience. Besides their ever-responsive customer support, we appreciate the constant efforts of the dedicated PIM team that helped us in the journey to boost revenue while creating a modern eCommerce store.”
Corey King
Project Manager, AJewellers
Explore A Jewellers’ achievements with Netcore Unbxd
Take a walk on A Jewellers’ path of improving efficiency and realigning their digital store with the demand of their customers.
Discover the effect of applying PIM’s automation into inventory and pricing updates for multiple marketplaces.
Find out the impact of other PIM features like product groups and centralized repositories on the overall product catalog management.
Know how A jewellers utilized AI and ML-driven PIM platform to achieve business goals.