28 Aug 2023
Netcore Unbxd named “Leader” in Commerce Search and Product Discovery in Forrester Wave report Q3 2023
Trishna  Menon
Trishna Menon
Marketing Manager

As forecasts indicate, ecommerce is projected to account for nearly 25% of total retail sales by 2027, a staggering 8.1 trillion dollars. This substantial shift has captured the attention of industry experts and analysts alike, underlining the significance of solutions that effortlessly guide shoppers toward their desired products.

Forrester, a renowned research and advisory company, realized the importance of such solutions.

"Historically, many digital businesses relied on their commerce solutions to provide search functionality, which was often built on underlying frameworks from Solr or Elasticsearch. In recent years, that built-in functionality went from "good enough" to "not enough" as independent solutions spun up and accelerated their evolution." - Forrester.

Forrester Wave came out with its inaugural report of the top commerce search and product discovery platforms in the market.

Netcore Unbxd has been named a "Leader" in Commerce Search and Product Discovery by Forrester Wave Q3 2023.

This recognition isn't just a badge; it's a testament to our unwavering dedication to redefining how shoppers discover and engage with products in the ecommerce landscape.

Let's look at what this "Leader" status means for us and businesses seeking to transform their online shopping experiences.

What earned Netcore Unbxd the top position?

To be even considered in the evaluation, we had to address three pivotal requirements in the dynamic ecommerce search landscape, catering to diverse user needs in terms of functionality and usability:

Striking the right equilibrium among manual control, AI-driven optimization, and visibility. While AI-led “black-box” logic might help identify opportunities missed by humans, it is also important to have control over the goals that the AI prioritizes. Providing industry-specific features that align seamlessly with the given sector. For instance, offering fitment search for retailers specializing in car parts. Customizing the product according to the retailer's technical proficiency and ensuring optimal solution utilization.

Where Netcore Unbxd excels over other providers in the same category: A nutshell

3 table.png

Exploring the benchmark of excellence

Of the 26 criteria we were evaluated on, we received the highest possible scores in 10 of them, making us one of the leaders in the Commerce Search and Product Discovery Wave. Netcore Unbxd's achievement is underscored by its remarkable scores across multiple criteria, highlighting the company's dedication to providing an outstanding ecommerce search and product discovery experience:

Top 5 criteria where we stand head and shoulders above other providers:

Automated Search and Merchandising Console: AI-Powered Excellence

Unbxd’s robust AI capabilities have played a major role in the journey of perfecting our automated search and merchandising console. Transparency is our priority; we believe in empowering users to understand and adjust AI results.

Image and Visual Search: Pioneering the Future of Discovery

6 Visual Search.png

By processing customer-uploaded images, Unbxd empowers shoppers to discover products in revolutionary ways: returning results with similar images, detecting the content of the images and showing similar results, seamlessly adding images to indexes.

Facet Sorting and Filtering

4 Facet Sorting and Filtering.png

Our superior rating in facet sorting and filtering showcases our dedication to providing businesses with unprecedented control. The user interface empowers retailers to personalize attributes and sort facets, enhancing the user experience significantly.

Dynamic Categorization of Product Filters and Custom Landing Pages: Crafting Personalized Journeys

7 Dynamic Categorization.png

Our platform's expertise in dynamically categorizing products by attributes allows retailers to craft highly personalized experiences for their customers. It empowers retailers to seamlessly configure and customize landing pages featuring a curated collection of products.

A/B Testing, Analytics, and Reporting: Insights Driving Success

5 A_B Testing, Analytics, and Reporting.png

The platform’s A/B testing, analytics, and reportingfeatures allow retailers to gain granular insights, enabling them to make informed choices.

Other top performing criteria:

Usability and Tooling: Elevating User Experience

Netcore Unbxd’s commitment to providing a single, consistent user experience sets new industry standards. Our user-friendly interface simplifies processes while reducing the risk of errors. From confirming changes before they are lost to offering intuitive data selection methods, we empower users to manage accounts and access them effortlessly.

Typeahead: Streamlining Searches with Autosuggest

Our platform is dedicated to empowering search efficiency by configuring advanced autosuggest. Unbxd's intelligent search capabilities extend to query suggestion and correction, encompassing a wide array of search queries. This includes categories, brand names, product names, and even images.

Innovation Strategy: Forging Ahead with Vision

With a substantial investment in R&D, our goal is to consistently pioneer new possibilities and reshape the ecommerce landscape. We also let our customers in on helping us shape our innovation strategy by taking their requirements and building a very efficient solution.

Excellent Roadmap: Navigating Tomorrow Together

Our roadmap's clarity and timely feature delivery reflect our deep commitment to our customers' journeys. We value transparency by providing our customers with regular updates, and our customers affirm our commitment to delivering what we promise.

Easy Adoption and Steady Growth

Unbxd's platform ensures smooth adoption, leading to an almost 20% year-on-year increase in customer base. With a mere three-week turnaround from implementation to going live, bolstered by our 24/7 implementation and customer success team, retailers are assured of achieving success.

“Netcore Unbxd has strategic strengths in innovation (including the highest marks from customer references in this area), roadmap, and adoption.” - Forrester

Our journey as a "Leader" in Forrester's evaluation is a milestone we share with our customers and partners. Our commitment to elevating ecommerce experiences, harnessing AI-driven excellence, and pushing the boundaries of innovation fuels our purpose. As Netcore Unbxd, we stand ready to lead businesses towards a future where superior commerce experiences are not just a goal but a reality we craft together.

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