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Mar 24 2022

Securing Strategic Investment Close To $100mn From Netcore Cloud

Pavan Sondur

CEO & Co Founder

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” Jane Goodall

I still remember the day Prashant and I decided to quit our jobs to start Unbxd. From a place where we had no money and no product, we quickly became one of the most innovative eCommerce search engines ever in the market. Our goal was to provide a seamless eCommerce experience that can generate profitable growth and recover the lost revenue of businesses. And there were several investors along the process who believed in our vision and pushed us forward.

Joining that league today is Netcore Cloud. Netcore Cloud is a bootstrapped SaaS company that helps B2C brands and marketers create AI-powered new-age customer experiences at every touchpoint of a customer’s journey. Netcore Cloud’s full-stack marketing platform enables highly personalized digital experiences that are easily scalable and provide actionable analytics, real-time reporting, and quick-to-implement solutions across channels.

What does this investment mean for Unbxd and our customers?
  • Unbxd has raised a significant amount of capital from Netcore Cloud that will help strengthen our products and services and push innovation toward the future of eCommerce.
  • Unbxd will enhance our best-in-class AI capabilities by adding new features like image and voice search.
  • With Unbxd and Netcore Cloud working together, we will see accelerated growth of Unbxd in newer markets, establishing a stronger foothold in the US and EU.
  • Our ability to cater to and undertake more enterprise customers will increase and put us forward as the top player in the Search and Personalization industry.
  • Our customers can increase their profitable growth by harnessing the power of a more comprehensive set of applications from two world-class companies and end the disconnect caused by tools operating in silos. Ensuring continuity will increase your ROI by 5 to 8 times what it was before.

Apart from all these exciting changes, we, as a team, are looking forward to working with Kalpit Jain and the Netcore Cloud. And as usual, we'll be pushing for profitable growth for eCommerce businesses across the globe.

Netcore Cloud's Group CEO, Kalpit Jain, rightly put it when he said, "Today, I can confidently state that very few MarTech players offer capabilities as strong as ours. Together, we believe we can unlock significant value creation for our customers. So buckle up and join us for the ride as we transform the future of the digital commerce experience". Pavan Sondur, CEO, Unbxd.

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