BigCommerce app for Unbxd PIM launched

BigCommerce app for Unbxd PIM launched

Unbxd is excited to announce the launch of the BigCommerce app, a seamless solution to manage product data between Unbxd PIM and BigCommerce powered websites. What is the BigCommerce App for Unbxd PIM? The BigCommerce app for Unbxd PIM uses API’s to establish connectivity between Unbxd PIM and any ecommerce website that utilizes BigCommerce. Using the app, ecommerce teams can create and manage product content within Unbxd PIM and publish to multiple BigCommerce sites simultaneously, without the need to manually download, edit and verify feed files or spreadsheets.  How does it work? The Unbxd PIM BigCommerce app works by mapping BigCommerce mandatory and custom fields with the product attributes present in the PIM. The set of configurations are saved as a template which can then be reused multiple times to send and receive product data from a BigCommerce website.

Seamless bidirectional data transfer

How will it benefit an ecommerce team? In addition to user created custom fields, BigCommerce specifies 25 mandatory product fields (attributes), which need to follow specific naming conventions and schema as part of every product feed. ecommerce teams spend a significant amount of time and effort to transform their internal product data to fit into BigCommerce specific formats – time and effort that could be utilized more efficiently Unbxd PIM’s BigCommerce app helps teams save significant time and effort by not having to manually pore through large volumes of product data and transform them to suit the bespoke schema and formats every time product information requires to be updated on the site.  Additional benefits include: – One time, single click authentication and installationBulk or selective product data updation – Eliminate manual downloads and uploads of feed files – Publish across multiple BigCommerce sites simultaneously – Automate import and export between PIM and BigCommerce sites Getting started To try the BigCommerce app, start by signing up for a free trial of Unbxd PIM. Visit the app page for more details and installation instructions.

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