A good site search makes for amazing buying experience and higher on-site conversions.

Why Site Search is important to your eCommerce now, more than ever!

The eCommerce industry has been changed forever with the COVID -19 pandemic. With higher online traffic to eCommerce sites with a stronger intent to purchase – it’s imperative to provide the shoppers with exactly what they are looking for while shopping on your eCommerce store.

Join Vivek, Director of Product Management as he emphasizes the need for an efficient site search solution right now and how an AI-powered Site Search caters to the new world paradigm for eCommerce sites leading to increased conversions.

Watch the webinar to understand
  • Why fixing the on-site search experience for your shoppers is the right thing to do
  • How showing them the relevant products, is likely to increase conversions
  • How to get started with finding the right Site Search solution for your eCommerce store
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Know how Unbxd can help you uplift on-site conversions