Security and Conversions!

What eCommerce stores need ahead of Holiday Season?

With the holiday season coming up, retailers expect close to 4x amount of traffic on their eCommerce stores. Such a jump in traffic has its own pros and cons. You can of course leverage higher traffic and push for higher conversions, and hence revenue.

On the other hand, higher traffic also opens your store to vulnerabilities and security attacks.

We got together with the folks of Astra Security to discuss how you can secure your Magento store for the holiday season and prime it for higher conversions!

Watch this webinar to learn more about -
  • How can you secure your Magento website for the increased traffic associated with the upcoming holiday season?
  • What are the most common security attacks in 2020, and how can you prepare your website to counter them?
  • How can you leverage AI-based Site search to effectively boost conversions for the upcoming holiday season?
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