The Survival Guide for Retailers and
Brands during Holiday Season

Leveraging AI to increase conversions this holiday season

The 40-day period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day has come to determine the success of the year for many retailers and brands. With around 20% of the annual sales for an eCommerce site happening during this 40-day period, the holiday season is the holy grail for eCommerce business owners.  Here our expert speakers share insights from the previous year’s holiday shopping season and from the numerous brands we work with, and ultimately discuss how brands can leverage that information to prepare for the next holiday season.

Among other points, our expert speakers from Total Retail and Rainbow Shops will cover the following:

  • the role of product discovery, from search to navigation to recommendations engine.
  • technical fixes, including optimizing image sizes, digital wallets, etc.
  • customizing and optimizing the checkout experience; and much more!

Speakers -

  • Ashwath Kakhandiki  – VP, Corp. Marketing, Unbxd
  • Michael Hoffman – Director of E-Commerce, Rainbow Shops
  • Joe Keenan – Executive Editor, Total Retail

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