How Monoprice leveraged AI-driven site search and clever merchandising to increase conversions

Enabling smart product discovery and better CX

Monoprice is an eCommerce store focused on providing its customers with electronic goods. 

In this webinar, Nelson Fisher of Monoprice discusses with us how implementing a robust AI-driven site search solution helped them grow their business by increasing the conversion rate by 8.80 %, at the same time boosting the average order value by 16.21%.

Nelson from Monoprice delves in detail on the pain points they had before implementing a search solution and how these points were relieved in a systematic fashion with impressive effect on the bottom line metrics. 

Watch this webinar to learn more about Monoprice’s journey with Unbxd implementing site search and – 

  • The merchandising tactics and strategies they were able to implement
  • Tackling the overall brand strategy shift to hyper-personalization of the user experience

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  • Monal Patel, SVP & CBO, Unbxd
  • Nelson Fisher, Product Manager, Monoprice

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