How did HealthyPlanet Canada ramp up search revenue on its Magento platform?

AI-Powered site search for increased revenue

A perfect way for evaluating the efficacy of a solution for your Magento store is to look at the before and after scenario.

  • What was the conversion rate before using tool X?
  • What was the conversion rate after using tool X?

Will the returns make up for my investment?

We want to answer that for you, for Unbxd’s AI-Powered site search solution. And what better way to hear that from, but from one of Canada’s biggest retailers – HealthyPlanet! Watch this on-demand fireside chat with Saifuddin Shahed, Manager – eCommerce and Omni-Channel at HealthyPlanet.

What can you learn from this fireside chat?

  • How HealthyPlanet Canada ramped up its site search using Unbxd solution over its Magento store?
  • How shoppers are now able to discover the choicest products from an inventory that runs into thousands?
  • How HealthyPlanet Canada plans to leverage the most of Unbxd AI-powered search and merchandising techniques?

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