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Webinar: Unlocking Powerful Merchandising Hacks to Optimize Site Search

As soon as a customer lands on your site, it’s crucial that you engage them and move them along the path to purchase.But how do you arrange & merchandise products in a manner that maximizes customer engagement? How do you make the most of those 8 seconds?

The answer lies in clever and predictive merchandising.

Watch our webinar to find out how to optimize site search with clever merchandising hacks & deliver the right product to the right customer at the right time.

You will Learn

  • Why merchandising search results is imperative to help customers find relevant products.
  • Discover top usability guidelines and recent innovations in site search.
  • Use cases with tactful strategies to achieve merchandising goals like:
    – Improving product discovery.
    – Maximising profits.
    – Creating occasion-based experiences.

Monal Patel

SVP & CBO at Unbxd

As an accomplished senior technology executive, Monal has 12+ years of experience developing & executing comprehensive IT strategies and bringing competitive value to businesses.