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Enhance Product Visibility

Highlight products that matter the most

Curate product selection and ranking using merchandizing rules

Boost and Bury

Use Boost and bury rules to promote or demote Products based on specific conditions


Apply Filters to only show those products that you want your shoppers to see

Slot and Pin

Slot products over a range of position based on business criteria or directly Pin products at fixed positions


Sort products on any attribute

Boost Bury

Create Landing Pages

Custom Pages for immersive shopping experiences

Create landing pages on the fly for your marketing or merchandizing campaigns

  • Dynamic Landing PageCreate dynamic landing pages based on a product selection criteria
  • Unique Landing PageCraft unique Landing pages with handpicked products

Banners, Facets and Redirects

Marketing Techniques to enhance shopper experience

Create redirects, display banners and product filters for search queries of your choice and guide the users to the correct page quickly


Display promotional banners on your page


Redirect special queries to custom pages


Control the experience & ordering of facets

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