Unbxd collaborates with Peak Activity to offer headless commerce implementation for eCommerce businesses

"With the power of Unbxd, we are able to assist shoppers in navigating these websites quickly and connect them to the
products they are most likely to buy.", says Manish Hirapara, CEO at Peak Activity

You can watch Manish's complete testimonial on the Unbxd Partner Page.

San Mateo, 20 July 2020/PRNewswire – Unbxd Inc., a leading provider of AI-based Commerce Search and Product Discovery solution today announced its partnership with Peak Activity, a technology, and marketing consultancy that partners with enterprises to “Dream, Deliver, & Elevate” their digital results by creating eCommerce platforms that achieve long term and scalable growth through game-changing technology. This is pertinent in today’s economy where more businesses are headed the eCommerce way.

“At PeakActivity, we help online retailers create digital experiences that are fast to stand up, fast to load, and deliver personalized customer journeys.  With the power of Unbxd, we are able to assist shoppers in navigating these websites quickly and connect them to the products they are most likely to buy.”, says Manish Hirapara, CEO at Peak Activity.

Unbxd with its AI-powered relevance, robust and reliable APIs on a cloud-based platform helps Peak Activity to enhance the on-site shopper experience and boost conversions for its customers. Unbxd adds a layer of data sciences and analytics for customers of Peak Activity to drive useful insights and make informed business decisions.

“With our partnership with Peak Activity, we are enabling faster go to market for all online retailers looking to optimize shopping interactions that enable product discovery”, says Pavan Sondur, CEO, Unbxd. He adds, “Our product offering has not only made retailers see more engagement with the shoppers along the buying journey but has also made Peak Activity maximize returns for their customers through headless commerce implementation.” 

Highlights from the State of Mobile Product Discovery 2017 Report:

  • Search continues to become more important on mobile, for product discovery. Search usage on mobile grew to 11.3% of all sessions
  • Shoppers who search are more likely to buy. Mobile search contributes to 29.2% of revenue, with 11.3% of total sessions
  • Retailers have little time to understand shopper intent for better product discovery. Shoppers are spending significantly lower time and viewing fewer pages on mobile
  • Searches on mobile are more specific and demonstrate higher intent
  • Local and regional product preferences dominate on mobile

About Peak Activity

PeakActivity partners with enterprises to elevate their digital results by creating eCommerce platforms and digital marketing experiences that help grow their business. It delivers innovation, emerging technology, and mobile solutions to the enterprises headed the eCommerce way. Peak Activity’s capabilities span a wide range of sectors and industries, including hospitality, manufacturing, retail, biotechnology, real estate, and finance.

About Unbxd

Unbxd is an AI-powered eCommerce search solution that understands shoppers’ intent and connects them to the products they are most likely to buy — across site search, browse, and recommendation purchase journeys. Unbxd powers search for more than 1300+ eCommerce sites across 40+ countries. The Unbxd product discovery solution is custom-built to be deployed across verticals such as Fashion, Healthcare, Pharma, Autoparts, Home Decor, B2B, and Mass Merchants. For more information, please visit unbxd.com or follow them on LinkedIn.

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