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Shopping Efficiencies: Shortening the Path to Purchase

Time-savings has always been top-of-mind for shoppers. Meanwhile, retailers are keen to capture the attention of their customers to foster discovery and drive conversion. In collaboration with Digital Commerce 360, this all-star panel retailers and technology providers kickstart the chat with highlights from their 2021 Conversion survey, and discuss deeper into what drove conversion over the holidays and where they are investing for growth. A discussion of the evolving customer experience in a world of information overload reveals the critical role of personalization and relevancy, leveraging AI to bridge the gap.

What can you learn from this panel discussion?
  • What actually is personalization for eCommerce? Why is it often considered abstract and esoteric?
  • What should personalization aim to do for your eCommerce business?
  • How do you begin to implement personalization for your business and when do you know you are successful?
  • Is there anything like over-personalization? (Spoiler alert: Yes, there is!)
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