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Search Dashboard

Monitor key performance metrics

Get key search metrics and visualize performance over time to measure the impact of search and discovery on your business

Visualize detailed conversion funnel

Deep dive into segment wise analysis for search queries

Compare historical trends for more accurate predictive insights

Visualize Funnel

Top and Trending Queries

Learn what your shoppers are looking for

Get detailed reports on your search performance & drive business results

Learn about the top searches and latest trends with Top-Searched queries reports

Identify popular products for each query and track trends

Top Queries

Popular Products

Discover popular products

Get insights into trending, popular and fast-moving products and highlight these in your shopper’s journey

Be on top of what's selling on your website. Deep dive into how shoppers are interacting with your products

Get a detailed analysis of all search queries used to discover each product selling on your store

Product Interactions

Zero Result Searches

Identify missing products in your catalogs

Capture missed opportunities for your business and reduce impact of null searches


Strategy & Campaign Performance

Monitor your strategies and campaign performance

Measure, and analyze the campaign’s strategy and make data-driven decisions to optimize the sales funnel

Measure success of your campaigns and strategies

Get comprehensive reports of your A/B Test experiments

Measrure campaign success
Grow your business
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