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E-commerce stores of all sizes leverage Unbxd's APIs to power 100+ product discovery experiences on their Search & Category Listing pages


Search that is intelligent and curates shopping experience to cater to unique shopper needs

  • AI-models
    Self optimizing AI-models that continuously track and learn shopper behavior
  • Catalog Understanding
    Study, analyze, and interpret the product catalog to identify searchable fields across 20+ categories
  • Query Understanding
    Natural Language Processing for semantic understanding the queries and deliver relevant search results
  • AI-Console
    Fine tune AI-models and algorithms suited to your business needs via intuitive UI/UX

Highly Available Infrastructure

Focus on scaling your business. We have the infrastructure - safe, secure, and reliable - to support your growth

  • 99.99% uptime
    Let your shoppers find the products they love without you having to worry about downtime and lost revenue
  • <60ms Response TIme
    Enable search that renders results fast without causing any lag for your shoppers and enhancing the overall shopping experience
  • SOC II Compliant
    Safeguard the privacy and security of your organization and shoppers with our SOC II compliant solution

Easy Setup. Faster Implementation.

Deploy search on the go with API-first approach, featherlight SDKs and plugins.

  • Flexible APIs
    Robust APIs that allow you to integrate site search seamlessly on top of your eCommerce store
  • Build search on the app
    With featherlight SDKs, and plugins for all major eCommerce platforms, activate a powerful search experience for your shoppers instantly
  • Feature-Loaded
    Search experience that is optimized for mobile, offers rich autocomplete, dynamic ranking, relevance controls on the console and many other cool features
  • No Endless POC
    See the enhanced shopping experience and improved conversion results immediately

B2B Searches

Powerful solution for your B2B marketplace

  • SKU Search
    Allow shoppers to search for products using exact or partial SKU numbers
  • User group based products visibility and prices
    Quickly implement access rules for displaying products a shopper is eligible to purchase and selecting the product prices applicable to the user group
  • Normalised Dimension Search
    Our AI algorithms identify & normalise the measurement dimensions from the search query to provide accurate results. For example, 1.25 in , 1.25”, 1.25 inches, 1-¼ inches in the search query will match with 3.175 cm in the catalog. The dimension search also identifies and filters products on any user-defined range in the query.
  • Flexible catalog limits
    Our systems can index catalogs of varying sizes (in terms of products, number of attributes per product or size of a single attribute) to offer optimized indexing and query time experience irrespective of the catalog size

Natural language processing to understand unstructured data

  • Surface relevant content using NLP
    Connect shoppers with the relevant content from the website to enhance shopping experience
  • Unified Search for Products, Blogs & Articles
    Enable shoppers to search for Products, Blogs, Articles, Datasheets, Helpdesk content from the same search box

Omni-channel Searches

Out-of-the-box support for omni-channel retailers

  • Store level or Zip code based search
    Enable shoppers & your store representatives to discover products available in a store nearby their location or using zip code of their location
  • Availability at store level
    Bury or hide out-of-stock products from the shoppers. Products not available in the store selected by user are automatically hidden.

Multi-language Support

One search engine for all your geographically distributed stores

  • Native support for 40+ languages
    Powerful algorithms for search & navigation available in 40+ languages
  • Manage all sites in one place
    Unified integration and management of your web-stores in different language

Relevance & Merchandizing Controls

Fine-tune the search & navigation relevance from console

  • Custom Ranking Controls
    Enhance the ranking of results using business insights to drive higher revenue.
  • Manage content dictionary
    Manage dictionaries for controlling how the search engine should interpret business specific terms.
  • Deploy AI Algorithms with Confidence
    Configure and deploy AI models using our intuitive & insightful AI console
  • Merchandize & Experiment
    Empower business teams with merchandizing controls, segmentation, A/B Testing and insights

Exhaustive Refinement Options

Enable shoppers to narrow down quickly to the right products

  • Diverse facet experience
    Offer the best in class faceting experience to your shoppers by using extensive faceting capabilities like Multi-level facets, Range facets, enabling selection of multiple values in facets and much more
  • Dynamic Facets
    Present shoppers with facets relevant to their search query or category page they are browsing
  • Sorting results
    Allow shoppers to sort results to help them identify products matching their criteria quickly

Guided Shopper Experience

Help your shoppers in using the right search query

  • Query Suggestion
    Predictive query suggestions and intelligent product recommendations to allows users to search efficiently
  • Autosuggest Merchandizing
    Define query suggestions that work best for your shoppers while they are still typing in the search bar.
  • Automated spelling correction
    User errors are common while searching, however poor relevance should not be common. Use pre-built spellcheck algorithms to show relevant results

Analytics and Reports

Have a 360-degree view into the conversion funnel, inventory, and shoppers insights

  • Conversion Funnel
    Get a complete view of the customer journey from search sessions to final conversions
  • Product/Query Level data
    Understand the fast-moving trends and shoppers preferences by deep diving into product and query level data
  • Custom Reports
    Create customized reports and metrics in accordance with 3rd party tools and processes
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