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Understand shopper engagement and conversion at page and widget level for Recommendations and create an engaging experience for your shoppers

Recommendations Dashboard

Monitor key performance metrics

Get key recommendations metrics and visualize performance over time to measure the impact of different strategies on different stages of the purchase funnel

Check overall Recommendations performance

Compare historical trends for more accurate predictive insights

Visualize detailed purchase funnel conversion

Recommendations Performance

Page Reports

Optimize shopper journey

Get detailed reports on how Recommendations is performing on different pages of your site and improve shopping journey experience

Check Page wise conversion performance

Compare historical trends of key metrics

Get performance of all widgets present on a page

Conversion Performance

Widget-level Performance

Discover how algorithms are performing in your widgets

Get insights into the performance of algorithms in widgets and optimize to improve conversion

  • See key metrics for each widget at a glance
  • Check Widget-level historical performance and compare trends
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