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Predict your shoppers' next purchase and show relevant products on any stage of the purchase funnel with Unbxd’s AI recommendation algorithms, merchandising controls and insights

Recommendation impressions

100 Bn+

Uplift in AOV


Websites powered


Customer Logos
Customer Logos

Self-Learning and Personalized Algorithms

Let your shoppers discover new products that match their shopping affinities along the purchase funnel with self-learning and personalized product suggestions

AI driven 1:1 Personalization

Offer 1:1 personalized and relevant recommendations by harnessing the power of Unbxd AI that understands shopper intent and affinities using hundreds of signals

Recommendations for every scenario

Show product suggestions in real-time with contextually aware algorithms on any stage of purchase funnel

Complete catalog visibility

Increase your catalog exposure by recommending similar or complementary products of your choice to the shoppers

Fallbacks for cold-starts

Don’t miss out on recommendations for lack of data by creating manual or algorithm-based fallbacks


Recommendations Merchandising

Create and control Recommendations algorithms and UI with intuitive Merchandising Workbench to meet your business expectations and for seamless commerce store experience

Customizable Widgets for every channel

Choose any combination of algorithms and decide what shoppers see in each product slot in any channel with zero coding effort

Responsive templates with editor

Choose from a library of customizable UI templates or upload your own template and offer seamless experience on your website

Custom Algorithms

Tweak algorithm parameters and create rules to add your expertise and business logic to core algorithms

Customizable Widgets

Reports and Insights

Understand your shopper’s behavior and unlock hidden revenue potential through advanced analytics and reports

Key metrics dashboard

Get key recommendations metrics and visualize performance over a period of time to measure the impact of your strategies

Page level Insights

Get detailed reports on how recommendations is performing at every shopper touch point and improve shopping journey experience

Widget-level Performance

Measure the performance of each recommendation widget and optimize the algorithm and placement to improve the overall on-site conversions

Key Metrics
Easy and Fast feed ingestion
Use the same feed ingested for Unbxd search in Recommendations without any additional work
Seamless Integration
Integrate using front-end libraries/SDKs in multiple frameworks or through Unbxd APIs
Omnichannel reach
Show recommendations across all your channels: B2B/ B2C, Website or Apps
99.99% Reliability
Show recommendations across all your channels: B2B/ B2C, Website or Apps
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