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Customize Algorithms

Be in complete control of what shoppers see

Create rules and tweak algorithm parameters to add a dash of your expertise and business logic to core algorithms

Rule based customization

Create custom algorithms by applying business rules on predefined algorithm modules and increase AOV

Dynamic and Static Filters

Create context-aware dynamic filters or rule-based static filters and show only those products that you want your shoppers to see at that point in shopping journey

Custom Popularity

Tailor popularity algorithms to show popular products based on shopper's location and custom lookback period

Rule based customization

Curate Widgets

Decide what shoppers see in each product slot at any stage of the purchase funnel

Choose single or a combination of recommendation algorithms in a widget and display it on any page on your website with just a few clicks

Custom Slots

Create custom algorithms by applying mix and map algorithms using widgets to place relevant product suggestions in front of shoppers rules on predefined algorithm modules and increase AOV

Purchase-funnel aware Algorithms

Insert Recommendations widgets with contextually aware algorithms on home page, product page, cart pages and more

Seasonal Recommendation

Create time-bound experiences to recommend products in sync with your marketing initiatives, seasonal customer demand, and business goals

Custom Slots

Create Fallbacks

Don’t miss out recommendations for lack of data

Create manual or algorithm-based fallbacks for scenarios where relevant products are not available for recommendations due to unavailability of products or customer browsing behavior data

Product Id based fallback

Hand pick products to display in recommendations as a Fallback

Algorithm based Fallback

Define different algorithm as fallback to automatically generate relevant product recommendations

Product ID Fallback

Recommendation Widget Templates

Provide your shoppers with the most seamless UI experience

Choose from a library of customizable ready-to-use UI templates or upload your own template for seamless Recommendation Widget experience on your website

Ready-to-use templates library

Choose from multiple ready-to-use templates with vertical and horizontal layouts optimized for desktop and mobile devices

Templates customization

Customize template configurations and styling with intuitive visual editor

External Templates

Upload any template of your choice via template editor and use them in Recommendation Widget

Template Library
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