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Select from a wide variety of customizable AI-algorithms for every scenario based on shoppers position in the purchase funnel and recommend products that the shoppers are most likely to purchase next

Personalization Algorithms

Address Unique Preferences of each shopper

Shorten the path to purchase for your shoppers by offering 1:1 personalized recommendations based on their interactions and affinities

Recommended For You

Recommended products based on individual shopper's browsing behaviour and shopping affinities

Recently Viewed

Remind your shoppers about recently viewed products so that they can pick up from where they left

Wisdom of the Crowd Algorithms

Inspire Shoppers from other shoppers with similar taste

Suggest products having high probability of conversion to shoppers by harnessing wisdom of other shoppers with similar preferences

Bought Also Bought

Cross-sell products that shoppers with similar buying affinity have bought

Viewed Also Viewed

Recommend products that other shoppers with similar preferences viewed

Bought also bought

Product Popularity Algorithms

Recommend products that shoppers love

Suggest best selling and trending products within a rolling time period to all shoppers or use it as fallback algorithm for new shoppers with no interaction history

Home Page Top Sellers

Recommend best sellers across your entire product catalog on the Home Page

Category Top Sellers

Suggest top-selling products within a specific category on Category Pages

Brand Top Sellers

Display top sellers for individual brands on Brand Pages

Home Page Top Sellers

Product Affinity Algorithms

Recommend products based on Product affinity

Increase AOV and catalog exposure by recommending similar or complementary products to the shoppers

More Like This

Upsell by recommending suitable alternatives to the product being currently viewed

Cross Sell

Suggest complementary products with ease by creating logic based on business insights using powerful Unbxd algorithms

Complete the Look

Curate complimentary product combos and cross-sell to accentuate shopper experience along the shopping journey and increase AOV

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