Unbxd Recommendations

Deliver personalized and relevant product suggestions
to your shoppers across the shopper journey


Successful engagements with Unbxd Recommendation engine


Unbxd Recommendations

Unbxd Recommendations delivers personalized suggestions to shoppers across their purchase journey. It allows you to recommend products to both the first time and repeat shoppers. Unbxd combines analyses of merchandising decisions and user behavior to create finely tuned and highly refined  recommendation options thereby creating higher order value per visit for all eCommerce enterprises alike.

Product Features

AI-powered Recommendation engine to create a
unique shopping experience

ai based ecommerce search

Powerful Algorithms

Use ready-to-use or highly customizable algorithms available to
showcase a diverse set of products to multiple customer segments.

personalized browsing experience

Personalize shopping experiences

Analyze shoppers’ behavior and utilize insights to personalize purchase recommendations at a one-on-one level.


Guide shoppers in the right direction

Engage high-intent shoppers — even on “No results” or
“Out of stock” pages — by showing recommendations based
on the shopper’s viewing and/or order history, or related products.


Reduce IT dependence

Put eCommerce and marketing teams firmly in the driver’s seat and take control of recommendation campaigns. All with an easy to use merchandising console, and without the need for developers or IT at every stage.

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Recommendation Use-Cases

Suggest relevant products to your shoppers across the customer journey
recommendation system for ecommerce

Show ‘Recommended for You’ to a repeat shopper and ‘Popular Products’ to a new shopper
and personalize the shopping experience for all your online shoppers

Feature Widgets:

  • Top Sellers
  • Recommended for you
  • Recently Viewed
ai optimize category page

Personalize the navigation experience for your shoppers by picking up
top categories and best-sellers in the respective categories.

Feature Widgets:

  • Category Top Seller
recommendation system for ecommerce

Sell more relevant products to your shoppers while they are on a shopping spree

Feature Widgets:

  • Recommended For You
recommendation system for ecommerce

Sell more relevant products to your shoppers while they are on a shopping spree

Feature Widgets:

  • Complete the look
  • Bought also bought
  • Cart Recommendations
recommendation system for ecommerce

Show high brand or price affinity products to your shoppers while they do the purchase

Feature Widgets:

  • More Like These
  • Similar Products

Why Unbxd Recommendations

Get more out of your business with Unbxd Recommendations
Ecommerce Search

Better Product Discovery

Help your shoppers discover more, click more and convert more.


More Upsell and Cross-sell opportunities

Engage shoppers with a diversity of products and encourage them to buy more


Increase Order Value

Show products that are similar or related to those already in a shopper’s cart and have the highest likelihood of purchase


Improve Customer Retention

Delight the shoppers with a personalized shopping experience enticing them to come back more often



Case Study

Read how Deborah Lippmann used Unbxd Recommendations to increase conversions substantially!



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