Unbxd announces game-changing 5-minute AI-powered search and product discovery setup tool for online retailers

San Mateo/12Aug 2020 – Unbxd Inc., a leading provider of AI-based Commerce Search and Product Discovery solutions, announced its new 5-minute AI activation tool for online commerce businesses. With this new feature, online commerce sites across verticals will be able to set up sophisticated and contextually relevant search within minutes of creating an account with Unbxd using AI, dramatically increasing customer conversions and sales.

“Today more businesses are going digital to cater to the rapidly changing shopper needs and give them the convenience of buying products online anytime, anywhere. The current world pandemic has accelerated this need of businesses to drive digital transformation and growth.”, says Pavan Sondur, CEO and Co-founder at Unbxd. He adds, “And we want to ensure that this journey is quick and simple as we are able to pivot their growth with an AI powered fast and agile search solution.”

With this latest launch Unbxd has made the entire process quick (just 5 minutes), transparent, and easy to consume.

From data ingestion and catalog upload to setting up relevance controls, Unbxd uses AI algorithms to automatically understand product catalogs and fine-tune store experiences. Unbxd’s AI-powered online commerce search tool provides retailers a quick and simple end-to-end journey to enable effective search with minimal effort (just 5 minutes). Retailers see relevant search results and improved query results within minutes on their default UI template and on their own feed. No additional time is required to be on a POC to make a business decision.

Unbxd now provides online retailers the fastest integration experience that can be distributed at scale to shoppers worldwide. In addition, Unbxd’s 5-minute AI activation tool guarantees a hassle-free deployment experience for all end-users, from developers to merchandising and marketing teams. While Unbxd automates the entire search and product discovery engine for online commerce, it still provides end-users with the ability to build custom and unique experiences and test new algorithms.

Prashant Kumar, Unbxd’s CTO and Co-founder, excited about this launch, says “We strongly believe in the power of AI delivering far better results and personalized experiences than manual setups. With this launch, we are ensuring that online commerce businesses have a hassle-free experience in operating their site search and product discovery from Day 0. Faster onboarding, flash feed-indexing, automated relevance setup, and self-optimizing algorithms take care of the search experience for the entire customer lifetime.”

Unbxd has announced a 21-DAY FREE TRIAL of the 5-minute AI tool for all eCommerce stores on the Magento platform. For all others interested in becoming the early adopters of this innovative technology, Unbxd recommends contacting sales@unbxd.com and citing this promotion. This offer is valid until September 30, 2020.

About Unbxd

Unbxd is an AI-driven eCommerce search platform that understands shoppers’ intent and connects them to the products they are most likely to buy — across purchase journeys. Unbxd powers search for more than 1300+ eCommerce sites across 40+ countries. The Unbxd product discovery solution is custom-built to be deployed across verticals such as Fashion, Healthcare, Pharma, Autoparts, Home Decor, B2B, and Mass Merchants. For more information, please visit unbxd.com or follow them on LinkedIn.


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