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State of mobile product discovery

49% of eCommerce Purchases for Fashion & Lifestyle Happen on Mobile, According to the Unbxd ‘State of Mobile Product Discovery 2017’ Report

E-commerce search and personalization prove to be valuable for better product discovery

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., OCTOBER 24, 2017 – Unbxd released the 2017 edition of the ‘State of Mobile Product Discovery 2017’ report, earlier today. The report is based on data gathered from 60 million sessions of US shoppers on the Unbxd Product Discovery Platform. The annually published report provides insights on key metrics on mobile product discovery, the role of search, and personalization on mobile. The State of Mobile Product Discovery 2017 Report is available for download on the Unbxd website. The proliferation of mobile — a whopping 220 Million consumers in the US own smartphones — has made it imperative for brands to be mobile-friendly if not mobile-first. Mobile ecommerce traffic overtook desktop a few years ago, but mobile has had a relatively low share of sales. In 2017, data shows that the Fashion & Lifestyle vertical has broken out, with more shoppers purchasing on mobile than desktop. Overall mobile conversion rates, however, dropped 7% after reaching a peak in 2016.

Highlights from the State of Mobile Product Discovery 2017 Report:

  • Search continues to become more important on mobile, for product discovery. Search usage on mobile grew to 11.3% of all sessions
  • Shoppers who search are more likely to buy. Mobile search contributes to 29.2% of revenue, with 11.3% of total sessions
  • Retailers have little time to understand shopper intent for better product discovery. Shoppers are spending significantly lower time and viewing fewer pages on mobile
  • Mobile shoppers find autosuggest guidance useful for product discovery
  • Searches on mobile are more specific and demonstrate higher intent
  • Local and regional product preferences dominate on mobile

About Unbxd

Unbxd is an AI-driven eCommerce search platform that understands shoppers’ intent and connects them to the products they are most likely to buy — across purchase journeys. Unbxd powers search for more than 1300+ eCommerce sites across 40+ countries. The Unbxd product discovery solution is custom-built to be deployed across verticals such as Fashion, Healthcare, Pharma, Autoparts, Home Decor, B2B, and Mass Merchants. For more information, please visit or follow them on LinkedIn.


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