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How it works

Unbxd PIM allows you to centralize, organize, transform, and distribute the product information to multiple channels with reduced complexity and no manual effort

  • Data Ingestion
    Receive product data from multiple sources such as suppliers, vendors, etc.
  • Supports Multiple File Formats
    Handle large volume of data in native file format such as .csv, .xml, .json, .xls, .zip
  • Automate Import
    Create once and automate the imports using import adapters and schedulers
  • Auto Attribute mapping
    AI-enabled product-attribute mapping; script based property modification Read more on property config.
  • Content Enrichment
    Bulk add/edit product properties and attributes and fix incorrect data
  • Dynamic Product Groups
    Use advanced filters to group products with similar properties and attributes Read more on products
  • Collaborative Workspace
    Build your own team with assigned roles and user-based access controls
  • Data Governance
    Create roles for members and grant user access at property or system level Read more on Role Management
  • Customize Pricing
    Display pricing information and different pricing sets in order to maximize profits. Calculate and set dynamic pricing rules based on costs and campaigns for different channels.
  • Data Distribution
    Publish product data to multiple sales channels from a single location
  • Digital Catalog
    Preview and debug the mock up of eCommerce store with internal and external stakeholders
  • Catalog Health
    Network-readiness report to assess the completeness of export adapter mappings and degree of readiness of product information for publishing
  • Custom Integration
    System connectors and custom-built adapters to export data to marketplaces in their desired file format and template
  • Workflow Management
    Allow users to define and automate their day-to-day tasks and save time
  • Event Based Schedule
    Define workflows based on events such as import or task completion, or other predefined event listeners
  • Schedule Parallel Tasks
    Configure, set up and automate multiple actions/paths in a single workflow
  • Digital Asset Management
    Bulk upload/download digital assets such as media, images or product videos
  • Image Editing Capabilities
    Edit digital assets with ease with built-in features such as crop, rotate, add overlay, etc.
  • Associate Assets With Products
    Link / Unlink images with respective products before publishing the product information to different digital touch points

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