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What is product information management used for?
Creating a compelling product experience can be time-consuming, especially when you rely on disconnected systems to manage your product information. A Product Information Management (PIM) solution is a business application that provides a single place to collect, manage, and distribute your product information. With PIM, you can quickly create a product catalog and distribute it to your sales and eCommerce channels using pre-built connectors and templates.
What is PIM tool?
A PIM tool is making data useable and visible. Without a solid PIM solution, you only have a fraction of your product data all over the place. A PIM tool puts all the information in one place, creating a single source of truth for your data. You can add attributes to describe your products, add product images to give a good impression of your products and even add product videos that demonstrate its use. Your employees then become equipped to create and display strong or beautiful product sheets, making it easier for customers to choose and buy from you.
Who uses PIM?
Product information management (PIM) solutions help retailers and brands manage customer-facing product data. PIM solutions help retailers and brands create a centralized catalog of product information that can be easily distributed to multiple sales channels wherever they are located, including in print catalogs, or online in ecommerce sites and marketplaces. Features include: Single source of all your structured product data, Easy publishing of product content to multiple sales channels, Update capabilities, Integrations with enterprise applications.
Why do we need PIM?
A PIM system helps you manage, create, enrich and distribute your product information all in one place. You can aggregate product data from multiple sources and add valuable properties to your product information visually or with a guided workflow.
What is the difference between PIM and CMS?
A (PIM) Product Information Management platform provides a central hub to collect, manage, and enrich a single view of product information, and distribute synchronized product content to your sales and eCommerce channels. A CMS (Content Management System) is a software application used to create and manage digital content. Platforms include enterprise content management (ECM) and web content management (WCM).
Who and why should we use PIM?
PIMs are useful for retail businesses where their product information is spread across different channels. It creates a parallel process in product enrichment. Many people in the team can edit, update and share your product information from one central source. The PIM system will keep track of all the information that has been shared and updated and will prevent these changes from being overwritten. Many companies use a PIM when they have thousands of products and it has become a nightmare to manage. Yet, stores with a limited number of products also benefit from using one, especially when they have lots of variables and customisations to manage.
What kind of data is stored in a PIM?
Many retailers struggle to provide their customers with complete product information. In turn, the lack of rich content has a negative impact on the customer experience, conversion rates, and overall revenue. Unbxd PIM is a single source of truth for all your ecommerce product data. It allows users to quickly access and update a product’s attributes and associated media, eliminating the potential for data discrepancies and ensuring the timely delivery of product catalogs across different sales channels.
Does Unbxd PIM have any limits for products and SKU addition?
Unbxd PIM solution facilitates the addition of SKUs en masse along with all relevant specifications and information that comes along with each SKU. Irrespective of whether you’re importing from some other ERPs, spreadsheets, or your suppliers’ systems, Unbxd PIM streamlines and automate the process. Unbxd Bulk Upload feature allows you to add 1000s of products at once. This enables you to offload the work and time required to individually upload those products for your team and frees up more time for other important tasks.
Can your PIM solution import media files from a local folder to the server?
Yes, Unbxd Product Information Management (PIM) solution can upload media files from a local server via our powerful adapters.
What systems can we connect with Unbxd PIM?
With Unbxd PIM and its open API platform you can connect any kind of remote system, it can be a simple database to a legacy application which can be accessed through REST or other APIs. You can integrate Unbxd PIM to directly connect and build a 2 way communication between the systems.
Can we customize or extend your PIM solution at the source level?
Unbxd PIM is a hosted cloud SaaS application. You can connect and build microservices for your different business needs outside of the Unbxd PIM platform using APIs. But if something is mission critical you can always connect with our team to discuss any features and we can plan them in our roadmap if it aligns with our vision.
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