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Publish highly engaging content

The modern product experience spans channels and time zones. Unbxd PIM helps you craft and share product content your brand can be proud of.

  • One stop solution to send product data, optimized to each channel
    Unbxd PIM captures the schema of different channels in pre-defined adapters which enables seller to publish information across multiple places
  • Publish in any format
    Share information in multiple formats like CSV, JSON, XML which is accepted by leading channels for bulk uploads
  • Check your catalog health before publishing data to different commerce endpoints
    Get notified about the errors in the data at each SKU level before pushing the content to different digital channels

Digital Catalog

Showcase your brand the way you want

Share your catalogs to anyone, anywhere with your secure, personalised instant catalogs

  • Create unlimited templates as per your need
    Define catalog by selecting products, attributes and facets as per the buyers requirements
  • Share catalog with anyone
    No more countless emails as you can share dynamic information with one link. Update information in PIM, it will automatically get reflected for anyone with access to the link.
  • Automate creation of PDFs for product catalog
    With the help of pre-defined template, you can publish product sheets which can be shared with vendors, retailers or distributors.

Marketplace Connectors

Accelerates Go-To-Market for sellers on marketplaces

Send consistent product information to different marketplaces from Unbxd PIM

  • Send robust and accurate information to different marketplaces
    A single stop to publish your product information to different marketplaces and e-commerce channels
  • Pre-validate data to ensure error free information
    Readiness check allows you to capture the missing or invalid information to eliminate back and forth edits of spreadsheets
  • Manage consistency across channels from a single platform
    Unlimited adapters to transform your product content as per the different channel requirements in a seamless manner

Channel Integrations

Easily update your storefronts with robust and accurate product content

  • Ability to support multiple storefronts
    Manage all your storefronts and distribute information across different platforms from Unbxd PIM
  • Error handling before sending data to different channels
    Determine which properties and attributes needs attention before sending the information to digital stores with our readiness check and task management system
  • Fetch, create, and update products with various channel apps
    Natively integrated to list, add and update products on different digital system like ERP, POS, Marketplaces and different channels like Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento etc
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