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Faster Go-To-Market with Unbxd PIM tool

Unbxd PIM tool brings speed and agility to brands, retailers and eCommerce owners to export and distribute their products to marketplaces and websites.

  • Two-way Communication
    Import and export data with ease to eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, Shopify, Bright Pearl, etc. with the help of Unbxd PIM system
  • Marketplace Integrations
    Publish large volumes of product data on marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, Google shopping, etc.
  • PIM Channels Integration
    Unbxd Product information management system provides seamless native PIM integration with BigCommerce, BrightPearl, Shopify and many more with channel connectors
  • Content Validation
    Set validation rules, pre-validate product information with just once click with the help of PIM channel adapters
  • Readiness Report
    Know the health of the catalog in a consolidated readiness report before syndicating data with our unique readiness-check feature
  • Error Report
    Product information readiness report summarizes property level information, missing values, validation errors, etc.
  • Task Assignment
    Assign rectification tasks from the report to role specific users from inside the console
  • Configure Business Needs
    With PIM system you can define custom adapters as per the Business needs or suited to particular platform requirements with PIM.
  • Build Custom Adapters
    Set validation rules for product attributes and save the configurations for future reference
  • Custom PIM E-Commerce Solutions
    Unbxd PIM system will help scale your Business and set up unlimited configurations to address various Business problems.
  • PIM API Integrations
    PIM tool enables hassle-free import and export of product data with native API integrations.
  • Webhook Integrations
    Notify users about task completion and other activities with webhook integration available with the PIM workflows
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