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Natural Chemist effectively organizes product information with a PIM solution

About Natural Chemist

Natural Chemist is a health clinic and prescription pharmacy providing natural as well as integrative health, skincare and household products.

Natural Chemist is a family run business started by Diana and Roger Boot from New South Wales, Australia and their goal is to provide access to healthcare products which includes prescription and complementary medication, to people regardless of their geography across Australia and the world. They currently ship their products to 42 countries.

Business Challenges

Online pharmaceutical sales have been on the rise for the past few years. Natural Chemist required a solution to streamline their product data. They needed to make real-time product information updates from multiple suppliers in a single platform and have it reflect on their website immediately without using a lot of manpower to do it. Their challenge was to find a solution that would help them seamlessly integrate real-time detailed product description to their BigCommerce platform.

Read the complete Case Study to know:
  • How Natural Chemist seamlessly integrated PIM solution to provide real-time product information updates effectively
  • How Natural Chemist increased visits to their product details page by 40%
  • How through enriched content and keyword validation they improved their SEO ranking and are now displayed in the first page of Google search results.
  • How Natural Chemist could scale their SKUs to 3x their original number with the same resources.
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